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"A comforting and uplifting book for those struggling with the ending of a relationship and searching for emerging inner strength." -- Dwight Webb, Ph.D., Psychologist, University of New Hampshire

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Amazing Stories of Life after Divorce

Second Marriage & Good Marriages After a Divorce
How do you get through a divorce
A must read book on how pets helps through divorce and remarriage

“A wonderful reading experience, a must-read for anyone going through relationship difficulties, and a reward you should not deny yourself!" -- Willie Bunting, Burke Center Operations for Substance Abuse & Mental Services

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Happy Tails Reviews

Recovery from Divorce
Happy Tails: How Pets Can Help You Survive Divorce

Review by Martha Sutton
It’s easy to recognize an animal lover. You might notice some dog or cat hair on the furniture, a car’s seat, or even clothing. Browsing through a family photo album, there are Fidos, Fifis, Fluffys, Spots or Sparkys in just about every photo.

Julie Rogers takes us through a personal album of experiences during her divorce recovery. In each shapshot, there is a dog, cat, or small wild critter — even a horse. She loves animals and has devoted her life to raising, rescuing, training, and observing them. Julie has keen perceptions about animals and draws parallelisms between how critters make their way into our lives and how we humans can survive better with their help.

Julie’s story begins at a vulnerable time her life when she is deciding whether to end her first marriage. She guides us through eleven steps to recovery from divorce. Through these steps, she recalls stories of animals she has known. She draws excellent comparisons of pets’ natural coping instincts to human behavior.

Many of us can easily relate to Julie making a U-turn at a traffic light in Dallas to gently coax a young dog off the median into the safety of her car. She takes him home where she dials the number on his tag. Getting a busy tone, she calls the operator to verify that it is a working number. She has the call interrupted and the situation explained. The grateful owner comes over to pick up her dog and that is the end of that Happy “Tail.” Only after sitting back and relaxing does Julie think about the danger of recovering the dog. She requests an annual report on the number of accidents tallied for that quarter mile of road. Two hundred accidents in the past year! Left alone, that little dog didn’t stand a chance!

While following the steps to recovery from her divorce, Julie meets Dr. Jim, who is in much the same situation. Julie and Jim marry and work together to build a new life, trying to shed their emotional baggage together.

Even as Julie is almost due to deliver their child, she rescues their own wounded dog and races to a veterinary office. Closed! She then hurries to Jim’s office, where the two of them work to save their pet, a dog that helped bring them together.

The dog recovers nicely. Their son is born. Now Julie and Jim have established their life together. They are now living in the present, making memories of their own.

For all of us who enjoy canines, cats, and other critters, this book is an easy and enjoyable read that encourages us to relate to therapeutic aspects of our own pets. Happy Tails is also a book for anyone enduring divorce, and good reading, as well, for people undergoing major life changes. Happy Tails is not only enjoyable reading but also a common sense survival manual to rebuilding a rich new life.

"A comforting and uplifting book for those struggling with the ending of a relationship and searching for emerging inner strength." -- Dwight Webb, Ph.D., Psychologist, University of New Hampshire

"A wonderful reading experience! I can't wait for Rogers' next endeavor!" -- Willie Bunting, Social Worker"

I see Happy Tails as a common sense manual to rebuilding a rich new life." -- Martha Devlin Sutton, CKC Dog Shows

A spiritually uplifting book for those struggling with the ending of a relationship and searching for newness in identity.” -- Dwight Webb, Ph. D., Psychologist, University of New Hampshire

Julie Rogers’ award-winning articles have been featured in numerous self-help and inspirational publications, including Coping With Cancer, Daily Meditation, The Horsethief’s Journal, Anotherealm, and the annual anthology Writes of Passage: Every Woman has a Story! She is the 1999 Writer’s Digest Writing Competition Grand Prize Winner for her short story "House Call." Other awards include the 1997 Golden Triangle Writer’s Guild First for the screenplay "Driver," the 1998 Writer’s Digest First for the stage play "Garage Sale," a 1998 Writer’s Digest Honorable Mention for the short story "Estate Sale," and a 2000 Writer’s Network Honorable Mention for the screenplay "Killing Grounds." Rogers is a graduate of Southern Methodist University and cofounder of Good Shepherds Animal Assisted Therapy, a pet therapy group serving Texas and Arkansas. She lives with her husband, son, and their many pets in Arkansas.

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Second Marriage & Good Marriages after a divorce
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